3 Takeaways for Winning in Mobile Marketing

YPCB015 – Luke at MMA CEO/CMO Summit
Posted by: Luke Edson – SVP, National Markets

I recently attended the Mobile Marketing Association’s CEO & CMO Summit, where industry influencers gathered to discuss how mobile continues to evolve marketing. As mobile proves to be a critical platform for building long-term consumer engagement, savvy brands are getting smarter about how they harness the power of mobile. Here’s what I took away:

  1. “Mobile-first” is today’s industry standard. Let’s use Taco Bell as an example. The team there recently built a mobile app that lets customers order and pay via an easy-to-use, personalized user interface. By doing a better job of bridging their real world experience with the digital world, Taco Bell was able to create a unified brand experience for customers, one which the company credits for a bump in sales.
  2. Mobile media is efficient and effective. Whether a brand is looking to change perception, increase sales, or simply interact with consumers, mobile plays an important part in the equation. In fact, what was once measured in non-mobile ways – things like phone calls, store searches, and actual sales – is now being optimized through mobile data and analytics. Not paying attention to mobile means you’re missing out on a lot.
  3. Mobile location marketing is the next frontier. Understanding local consumer behaviors – where consumers go (most often) as well as what they do and what they buy where they go – makes it easier for marketers to deliver hyper-relevant communications to customers in real-time. Not only does this make for more effective and “in the moment” marketing, but it also leads to greater ROI (which is the end goal!).

Mobile advertising is growing fast and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  According to IDC (International Data Corporation), U.S. advertisers spent nearly $14 billion on mobile advertising alone in 2014 – an increase of nearly 80% from the year prior – underlying an important trend that sees brands wanting to be able to target the right person, in the right moment, and using the right metrics to achieve optimum ROI.

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