Cedric The Entertainer Gets Generous in YP’s “Make Every Day Local” Campaign

YPCB045A – Cedric the Entertainer (MEDL)
Posted by: Alex Kaminsky – SVP, Consumer Marketing

Cedric Antonio Kyles (better known as “Cedric The Entertainer”) has a zest for life that is absolutely infectious. As is his sense of humor – which he’s spun into a successful career as both a comedian and actor in movies like Barbershop, Madagascar, and The Original Kings of Comedy. Beloved both for his generosity and his innate ability to make an audience laugh, Cedric loves giving back to his community – through the charities he supports as well as the local businesses he visits.

YPCB045B – Cedric the Entertainer (MEDL)

This passion for giving back turned out to be the perfect theme for the latest addition to our Make Every Day Local℠ video series. We met up with Cedric in Atlanta to unleash his kindness and creativity on a number of unsuspecting local businesses. In his own words:

“Today, I came into a lot of these local businesses to lend my international celebrity platform [to help these businesses grow], and I think some of these ideas that I have are going to BLOW these businesses up.”
(In a good way, of course!)

Cedric did not hesitate – in fact, he jumped at the opportunity – to offer up his own flavor of branding advice to three local businesses: 1) a 50-year-old Atlanta dry cleaning store, Sig Samuel; 2) Attitudes by Moe Salon, where stylists transform their clients into their most fabulous selves; and 3) Thompson Bespoke Clothiers, a small tailor shop run, ironically, by an unmistakably tall owner, Rashan Michel.

Cedric joins a growing list of celebrity influencers participating in YP’s Make Every Day Local campaign, most recently including actress and comedian, Jane Lynch, and San Francisco 49’ers running back, Reggie Bush. Check out #MakeEveryDayLocal to see all the videos and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite local business, using the #MakeEveryDayLocal hashtag in your post!

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