Celebrating National Small Business Week 2015

YPCB001A - National Small Business Week
Posted by: Allison Checchi – Chief Marketing Officer

Thirty years ago, my dad pursued a dream to open his own business – a driving range back in east Tennessee. He envisioned it, designed it, secured the financing for it, built it, and grew it.

My dad worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week. I saw firsthand how difficult and brave it was to start and manage his own business. It comes with challenges that many people don’t even think about until they’re in the thick of it – things like land and equipment, inventory management, working capital, payroll, taxes, customer service and marketing. (Keep in mind, this was all before the Internet age!) It wasn’t easy, nor was there ever a dull moment. However, his business, like many small businesses around the United States, created jobs and contributed to the community and local economy in a truly meaningful way. In fact, it would even be the place I’d be proud to call my first job.

At YP, we’re dedicated to helping local businesses and communities grow. That’s why we’re so excited to sponsor National Small Business Week once again, helping to celebrate this year’s theme of “Dream Big. Start Small.” We’ll spend the week honoring small business owners, who have worked so hard to achieve their dreams and grow our communities, and offering practical advice on how they can improve their digital footprint and reach their local consumers.

As an extension of this effort, we’ll also be encouraging consumers to share stories about their favorite local businesses, just as country music star, Jake Owen, did with the latest YP Make Every Day Local℠ video, where he talks about his go-to spots in Nashville.

What’s your favorite restaurant or shop?  Spread the local love on Facebook: Facebook.com/YP and Twitter: @YP, using the hashtag #MakeEveryDayLocal.

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