Craving Sriracha? YP℠ Menu Search Makes Finding It Easy!

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Posted by: David Mayer – Product Manager

Here’s the scene. You’re hungry. You start to mull over the age-old question, “Do I want Italian, Greek, Ethiopian, or…?” You decide to go with Japanese cuisine for dinner. So you quickly open up the YP℠ app to find a great restaurant nearby – and the next thing you know, you’re there enjoying the daily special: marinated kalbi donburi.

Now, what if your taste buds want something a bit more specific? No worries, the YP app still has got you covered. Let’s say you have a sudden craving for chicken parm. Why simply search for Italian restaurants nearby – and then have to manually look at each and every menu yourself – when you could search for restaurants that specifically serve chicken parm?

Look no further. Our Menu Search feature makes it easy to find the exact menu item you’re searching for from among all of our listed restaurants. Just tap on the “Find a Restaurant” button on the YP app home page, tap on the “Menu Items” tab of the restaurant search, and then give the list a quick look over. It’s really just as quick and easy as that!

Desperately need a Sriracha fix? Menu Search also lets you search for dishes that use specific ingredients and will even help you find out the new and creative ways in which local chefs are using it in their dishes. Did you know Sriracha 1000 Island dressing is a thing? It certainly is!

We know this post has made you hungry. So why wait any longer? Try out Menu Search today and feed that craving, pronto!

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