David Krantz Talks All Things Local at the Street Fight Summit West

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Posted by: Kristen Morquecho – VP, Corporate Communications

The Street Fight Summit West took place this week in San Francisco. This annual conference engages industry thought leaders in discussions around the latest trends, deals, and startups within the local industry.  

YP’s CEO, David Krantz was invited to join a Fireside Chat with Street Fight CEO, Laura Rich to discuss YP’s continued success in the midst of rapidly evolving industry dynamics. This was part of a broader content program headlined by a number of respected senior leaders from Airbnb, Foursquare, Opentable, Thumbtack, Yelp, and more. Here are the top three highlights from the chat:

YP Local Breakthrough Summit

The conversation kicked off around YP’s recently launched Local Breakthrough Summits – an eight-city tour around the country with the aim of educating local business owners about the power and promise of digital marketing. Krantz underscored that small business owners rarely have the time to get out to events – because they tend to dedicate all of their time running their own businesses. However, what makes these events so unique is that it addresses the fact that small business owners have serious needs when it comes to growing their businesses, and YP is well-equipped to help them make sense of all of the tools and solutions available to them.

YP’s 100-Year Legacy

Then Rich tipped her hat towards YP’s major strength as a legacy player in the local industry, touting its extensive sales force and longstanding relationships with local businesses as one (of many) key differentiators that sets YP apart from the competition. And while being a legacy player has its perks, it certainly has its challenges as well – especially when it comes down to managing and extracting the most value from a large sales team. Krantz explained that while this can be seen as a challenge, it’s also an opportunity to streamline processes, drive operational excellence, and improve communication at every step of the way. In fact, this has been so important to the company that it’s doubled-down on its resources to build platforms to makes its sales and go-to-market efforts as turn-key as possible.

YP’s Digital Transformation

The launch of YP signaled the company’s desire and focus to move towards digital. Though, making the transition from print to digital, as Rich noted, doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take years before companies reach the proverbial “tipping point” when digital revenue begins to outpace print profits – and eventually warrant investing in additional resources to accelerate the transition towards digital. Krantz spoke at length about YP’s unique digital transformation and how digital can be profitable only if a brand has scaled access to the consumer. And in order to do that, brands must constantly reinvent themselves (while still managing cash flow “balancing act”) in the face of digital to stay relevant, which is one reason why YP has continued to thrive and grow as a digital property while other brands, attempting to make the jump from print to digital, have floundered.

And those are just the highlights from the conversation. Continue to Street Fight Magazine to learn more from YP CEO, David Krantz and his thoughts about the local industry.

David Krantz, CEO, Streetfight, Streetfight West Summit, San Francisco, SF, local, YP


Photo Credit: Shana Wittenwyler via Street Fight Magazine

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