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We recently teamed up with IDC Research to conduct a study that would help us better understand how today’s consumers navigate their way through the digital world to search for products and services, assess which products or services best meet their needs, and finally make purchases online or offline. Now, we’re happy to unveil the full report of our findings in a white paper entitled, “Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers.”

Consumers are using more sources and looking for different types and flavors of information from multiple devices and locations. Marketers must offer consumers information that not only is relevant to their task, but also takes into account consumers’ location, the device used, and consumers’ need to complete research for local products and services quickly.

IDC ZigZag Research – Chart 1

That means national advertisers must adapt their local marketing and advertising initiatives to match these new conditions. According to IDC’s survey analysis, the typical local search exhibits a “zigzag” pattern. First and foremost, this means the typical local searcher uses more than just one search approach from one device in one location all the time.

IDC ZigZag Research - Chart 2

And that’s just scratching the surface. Feel free to download the full report and accompanying infographic today to get access to keen insights into how today’s consumers are “zigzagging” across devices, platforms, and between the online and offline worlds as they make purchase decisions each day. While you’re at it, be sure to check out YP Marketing Solutions to learn how YP℠ helps national advertisers target, reach, and engage local audiences.


Article first posted to the YP Marketing Solutions Blog on January 8, 2016.

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