IAB Study: The Importance of Search Marketing for Home Improvement-Focused Businesses

happy couple choosing paint color at hardware store with help of the shop assistant
Posted by: Allison Checchi – Chief Marketing Officer

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re looking to refresh your current one, there’s a good chance you have a long list of home improvement projects to tackle. From painting your very first accent wall to tending to that leaky roof before the rainy season hits – and everything else in between – your to-do list can grow quickly. And while some of these are perfect DIY projects for that rare “free” weekend, others are better left in the hands of experts. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of products and services to come to your rescue. (Not that you ever needed rescuing…)

New research shows that when people are in the process of fixing up their homes, search marketing is a highly influential decision-making tool. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online search ads have a direct influence on “home renovation” purchase decisions. In fact, the report states that home renovators are twice as likely to be influenced by digital and mobile advertising when it comes to purchasing home improvement products and services than the general population. They are also more likely to use multiple devices in their search process, making mobile search just as important as online search.

Searches for “contractors” and “plumbers” have traditionally ranked among the top local searches across YP’s online and mobile properties. For this reason, we’ve launched thousands of digital and search marketing campaigns to help those businesses grow.

Additionally, we’ve also started to see the benefit of tracking customer phone calls, especially useful for service-oriented businesses where employees are out “on call” and cannot always pick up the phone at the drop of a hat. Providing businesses with the ability to keep tabs on missed calls creates a new opportunity to respond to potential leads in ways that never existed before. After all, the ability to turn leads into new business is the measure of success for any small business.

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