Introducing ypWebsite Pro: Helping Local Businesses Earn Top Rankings in Organic Search Results

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Posted by: Barrie Rosen – Executive Director, B2B Communications

A business website is the best and easiest way for local businesses to connect with local consumers in today’s increasingly digital-first world. In fact, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to have a website that can be easily found by both consumers and search engines.

Why? According to our Why Before the Buy research, 30 percent of consumers will not even consider a business that doesn’t have a website. Not to mention, without a website, your business will likely never see its way to the top of the search results page (typically, where consumers look first whenever they search for the products and services you offer). So, the writing’s on the wall: not having a website is no longer an option for local businesses.

That’s why we’re excited to launch ypWebsite® Pro, a new website offering that helps local businesses earn top rankings in organic search results and get found on local directory sites better than ever before. With ypWebsite Pro, local businesses can easily create a mobile-responsive, content-rich website equipped with a full range of features that help improve organic search rankings on Google and other leading search engines over time. Key features include tools for content marketing and distribution along with robust SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities to help boost a site’s visibility across all devices.

Results from extensive product trials show that over 70 percent of keywords in websites powered by ypWebsite Pro rank on the first page of Google search results in as little as five months or less – proof that this product will be an incredibly valuable SEO solution for our clients.

Additionally, ypWebsite Pro enables local businesses to claim, update, and manage their business listing across more than 60 search, social, and directory sites. Consistent listing information across the web provides positive signals to search engines, which then, in turn, increases visibility and overall search ranking.  

The launch of ypWebsite Pro is just the first part of a broader effort to provide local businesses with a full suite of integrated marketing solutions that help build a business’s presence and expand reach via a combination of print and digital offerings. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more exciting news about enhancements to our portfolio – so, be sure to check back regularly! In the meantime, learn more about how YP helps connect local businesses with local consumers today.


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