Jane Lynch Shows YP℠ How To “Make Every Day Local” in New York City

YPCB037A – Jane Lynch MEDL
Posted by: Alex Kaminsky – SVP, Consumer Marketing

One of our all-time favorite comediennes, Jane Lynch, joined forces with us to add her personal touch – and comedic flair – to YP’s Make Every Day Local℠ video series.

It may seem strange for the long-time Los Angeles resident to take us on a tour of her favorite spots in New York City. However, since she spends so much time there, she considers herself a tried-and-true local. Not to mention, Jane’s a big fan of local businesses. She loves being a familiar face wherever she goes and enjoys getting to know the staff at those establishments. So what are her “best in show” (pun intended!) local businesses in the city that never sleeps? Check it out here:

Here are a few highlights: Le Grainne Café, a fabulous little French spot with unbeatable ambiance in the heart of Chelsea; Joe’s Pub, a well known live music venue, located inside the famous Public Theater in Noho, that puts a spotlight on young talent and doubles as a great spot for drinks and eats; and Indochine, an exquisite dining experience featuring exotic French-Vietnamese cuisine, a go-to favorite for New Yorkers since the 80’s.

Jane’s clearly a big fan of the NYC food scene, but she made sure we got a glimpse of some of her other favorite (non-food-oriented) local spots as well – like Doyle and Doyle, a vintage jewelry store tucked away from the bustling Meatpacking District, and Colours by Martin, where choosing new paint for her living room is apparently an “experience in color.”

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Lynch joins a growing list of celebrity influencers who have taken part in YP’s Make Every Day Local campaign, including former actress and current DIY’er, Jennie Garth, and San Francisco 49’ers running back, Reggie Bush.

Check out #MakeEveryDayLocal to see all the videos and, while you’re at it, tell us about your favorite local business, using the #MakeEveryDayLocal hashtag in your post!

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