Learning to Love Online Customer Reviews

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Posted by: YP PR

Many businesses have a love-hate relationship with customer reviews.

We rejoice whenever a positive review comes in – after all, every word of praise is a well-deserved validation of all that time, energy, and effort we put into running our businesses. However, when a negative review pops up, the very opposite happens. Feelings of doom and gloom instantly pour over, with many small business owners asking themselves, “How will I ever overcome this review disaster?” Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips to help you bounce back from a negative review in no time.

In a recent post on YP’s Local Doer Blog, Rashon Gittis, Sr. Product Manager for the Consumer Platforms Team, discussed the impact customer reviews can have on making businesses top-of-mind among local consumers. Customers love to read reviews, and it’s no secret that having more reviews can boost a business’ online presence in search rankings. So it almost goes without saying that customer reviews have become table stakes in today’s word-of-mouth-reliant local marketing ecosystem. They are a significant part of a business’s digital marketing success.

Additionally, recent improvements to the user experience around writing reviews on YP.com has resulted in an increase in both review submissions and new user registrations. In fact, the rate of new review submissions has doubled over the last two months!

Have we piqued your interest yet? Check out the five customer review insights that every business owner should know. And if you’ve noticed that your customer review game is lacking, there’s no better time than now to encourage your loyal customers to write up a review of their experience on your YP profile. Get started today!

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