Local Champions: Accredited Home Care – Building Relationships

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Posted by: Julie Neumark – Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Originally published on the YP Local Doer Blog on January 18, 2017.

Barry Berger knows a thing or two about building a successful business: he has been the proud owner of Accredited Home Care for nearly four decades. “This year we’re celebrating 37 years,” says Barry proudly. “We provide both non-medical home care and skilled home health care for about 5,000 patients per month. We’re essentially a hospital on wheels.”

He’s done a lot more than simply build a business. By cultivating trust and loyalty with his clients, he has built relationships. “We’re in an industry built on referrals,” explains Berger. “Building relationships – getting people to like you, getting people to trust you – extends beyond the referral sources and the patients.”

Accredited Home Care’s relationship with YP℠ spans the life of the business, dating back to 1980 when Berger took out his first half-page ad in the Yellow Pages print directory. Today, YP has taught him the importance of building a strong foundation with Accredited Home Care’s online presence as well as learning how to get the word out about his company on yp.com.

As the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, Neil Rotter points out, “Through yp.com, we get thousands (of referrals) per month. Seeing the number of people we’re able to reach and connect with through YP really validates why we’re in business in the first place.”

Rotter sees the benefit of working with YP as being bigger than the number of referrals the company receives per month; it’s all about the quality of those referrals.

“What I like about having Accredited’s profile on yp.com is that it’s not just another name and another phone number,” notes Rotter. “It’s more interactive. You can now add videos and images to your business profile page and include links that direct potential customers back to your website. Clients today have a lot more access to background information about businesses than ever before – and that makes it easier for us to build a stronger relationship with them. From the print books to the web and now to solutions like search engine optimization, it all comes full circle.”

Berger knows that an integrated marketing strategy is key for his business to succeed and grow. “As the U.S. population grows older, the need for home care is going to increase. Partners like yp.com are essential for our success.”

Rotter agrees. “I would absolutely recommend YP. There are a lot of options out there – and we’ve tried a lot of things – but at the end of the day, we’re still with YP, and not the others.”

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