Local Champions – Jose Gutierrez of Sudden Impact Auto Body

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Originally posted on the YP Local Doer Blog on August 25, 2016.

Jose Gutierrez landed in the auto body business by accident – well, sort of. As a teenager, Gutierrez was offered a summer job at the auto body shop owned by the parents of a friend. There was only one obstacle: he had absolutely no idea what a body shop was – at all. But necessity is the mother of invention and Gutierrez needed a job, so he took the position and figured he’d learn his way….by accident.

That summer job ended up jump-starting a career. It was supposed to be a temporary position, but instead, became a passion and a way of life for Gutierrez. “I worked my way up from detailing, to painting, to management and finally ownership. It has been such an amazing journey,” he remembers fondly.

Now, as the owner of Sudden Impact Auto Body, Gutierrez has built a business on the foundation of personal care and quality. “We pride ourselves on the quality of the repairs we do; we thrive in getting it right. We put together the right parts and make sure the car looks like it did before the accident. We’ve always told our customers, ‘We’re going to fix your car like we’re going to put our own wife and kids back into it.’ And that’s what we do,” he states with deep pride.

How does Gutierrez get the word out about their high quality of work and safety-first policy? “Ax, our mascot dog, helps out with that,” Gutierrez chuckles. Ax’s furry mug has become the proverbial face of the business across Las Vegas. Customers have come to recognize the black lab mix and associate it with the best auto body shop in town.

As adorable as Ax’s doggy face is, Gutierrez knew that Sudden Impact needed take a step forward into the digital age. “As the times change and we go into social media, the internet, and all these modern day things, it was like, ‘We’re missing something here,’” he says.

But he had no idea where to start. That’s where YP Marketing Solutions was able to step in and help Sudden Impact Auto Body change the spark plugs on its marketing tactics.

“It was about three years ago that our YP℠ consultant, Derek, came in and said, ‘I can help you with this’ and he has kept up to that promise. We have seen a major difference in the traffic to our website and mobile, which comes from YP,” says Gutierrez with a smile.

Those results proved to have been worth the effort. “When you’re investing in yourself and in your business this way, there’s an amazing opportunity for return on investment.”

And he’s happy to spread the word about how YP has worked for his local business. “In today’s world, it’s just so important to be online and to utilize the tools that YP search advertising gives us. I would definitely recommend YP to others – and I have!” he laughs.

But don’t worry, Ax, your job is safe – you’ve just gone digital.


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