Meet Brett Honerkamp – Vice President of Sales Learning & Performance

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Who is Brett Honerkamp?

  • Official Title: Vice President, Sales Learning and Performance
  • Originally From: St. Louis and St. Peters, Missouri
  • Favorite Color: Technically, it’s yellow, but you can’t go wrong with blue and white (St. Louis University Billikens, red and white (St. Louis Cardinals), and, of course, red, white and blue (for obvious reasons).
  • Pet Peeve: When people dismiss new ideas, using “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” as an excuse.
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Brett Honerkamp loves a good challenge – and since transforming organizations is one of his professional passions, he decided to join YP in June, after an 18-month stint at St. Louis-based BizLibrary, a company that helps businesses develop their employees through online education solutions. During his time there, Brett helped drive a 40 percent increase in new business development thanks in part to his leadership in transforming the sales process, one that helped increase sales opportunities by 200 percent year-over-year.

Now settled in as the head of YP’s Sales Learning and Performance organization, Brett is focused on defining, developing, and reshaping YP’s sales education strategy, which includes fine-tuning skills and processes, creating go-to-market messaging, building sales-focused products and solutions, and gathering intelligence on both the competition and the industries we target.

Transition is Exciting

“Every day, I get excited about the challenge of telling YP’s story in the most compelling way possible: who we are today as well as what our business will look like in the future. It involves shifting the mindset and strategy of the Sales team to deliver the right message, at the right time in order to influence business owners’ perceptions around how YP helps local businesses grow. It’s that challenge of transformation that makes YP such an exciting place to be.”

Honing Your Craft

“Generally, the simpler you make something, the easier it is to understand. Think of it like knowledge in bite-sized pieces. My belief is that everyone should spend at least five minutes a day honing their craft. Sports figures do it. Musicians do it. Sales professionals should do it, too. It’s really not hard to allocate a little time each day to discover what’s new in the industry, to practice a sales pitch with a coworker, or to better understand the ins and outs of the products and services we offer. Those mini-moments of learning will lead to success all around.”

Small Business Fascination

“My wife, Maggie, and I both have a special affinity for small businesses. Maggie started and successfully sold two small businesses in 10 years. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where her father owned one of St. Louis’ largest commercial and residential plumbing companies, O.J. Laughlin, started by Maggie’s grandfather in 1951.”

“One of my favorite small businesses in the area is C & C Butcher. The owner, Bill Torre, and his sons can almost always be found behind the counter. They’ve got a great loyalty program – and it’s easy to get a discount just by texting “chops” to 71441. They accommodate special orders, are happy to share barbecue advice, can cut anything to size, are known for their selection of marinated meats, and pretty much carry everything for grilling or smoking meat on the weekend. They take care of me, and because of that, I am an advocate for their business.”

Family & Fun

“Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with Maggie, and my two children, including helping to coach a little league team.”

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