Meet Corey McMahon – VP, Platform Strategy & Governance

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Posted by: Corey McMahon – VP, Platform Strategy & Governance

Hi, I’m Corey, and I have the best job at YP℠. I get to sit at the intersection of my two passions: business management and technology. I’m the business guy in the room when architecting a technical solution, and a technologist when building a winning business strategy.

I’ve been working from YP’s Glendale Tech HQ for more than six years. It’s truly an incredible place to work. Our platforms are undergoing fundamental changes right now, aiming to align with new and better ways of serving our customers. As part of the Platform Strategy team, I partner with internal and external stakeholders to develop recommendations for tech enhancements – with the goal of improving the “YP Experience” for users – then work with our Engineering teams to ensure successful delivery of those new features.

Small business is a reflection of our country’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to build and grow businesses from the ground up has been a part of our cultural heritage for as long as we can remember. In fact, my father is a great example of this. He’s a classic small business owner who started with nothing, but, over time, built a physical therapy practice that has now grown to three offices and more than 40 employees. That is the American dream!

I love getting his perspective on what we do at YP. After all, he is a tried and true small business owner who understands the ups (and downs) of running his own business. He oftentimes reminds me that when he makes decisions for his company, Performance Therapy, it all comes down to ROI – essentially, decisions that will propel his business forward. For me, this is a daily reminder – and really, for all of us at YP – that our primary goal should always be to add new and real value to our customers’ businesses.

If I’m not in the office, there’s a good chance I’m on the court with the YP basketball team. I love basketball and actually worked for UCLA’s men’s basketball team back in the day (I still take a lot of pride in my Final Four rings!). I’m also an avid runner. Earlier this month, I completed a 200-mile Ragnar relay race in Colorado with a few former high school cross-country teammates, finishing 7th out of 190 teams.

Being a part of the solution to business challenges is what gets me excited about work every day. I tell my two daughters that I’m a builder, building things that help businesses grow. And to everyone else, I say I work for the largest SMB marketing agency (for starters).

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