Meet Damon Cleckler – VP, Product Management for Consumer Platforms

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Posted by: Damon Cleckler – VP, Product Management for Consumer Platforms

Hi, I’m Damon, and I’m fairly new to YP℠ (I’ve been with the company now for two months to be exact). I head up product management for and YP’s mobile apps from our Tech Headquarters in Glendale. What that basically means is this: I oversee planning, functionality, design, technical requirements, execution, evolution, and maintenance on the platforms for that run our consumer products. Simply put, my team of 20 and I work hard every day to solve problems and seek out new innovations to make our products better.

I came to YP from Santa Monica-based where I had the unique experience of seeing the company grow from a small startup in 2009 to eventually going public in 2014. Although working with listings and search at YP will be a new area of focus for me, my experience at taught me essential product-building methodologies that I can easily apply to any vertical – especially when doing so through the lens of the end user (aka, the consumer).

YP’s mission is about helping small businesses thrive and grow. I have always been fascinated by these innovators and entrepreneurs who start with an idea, bring it to life, and then put their all into making it successful. Small business is the true spirit of our country.

Since joining YP, I’ve learned first-hand the tremendous weight the legacy “Yellow Pages” brand carries with consumers. At other places I’ve worked, we struggled for years to ensure our brand would make even the smallest dent in consumer consciousness. With YP, we have over one hundred years of positive brand associations at our fingertips – and this rings true with every person I talk to about the company. That’s long-term brand value that you simply cannot buy.  

The Yellow Pages were a big part of my childhood, in a way that my son will never really know. There was no Google or other search engines available. We had the Yellow Pages, and we relied on it to help us find local businesses that could help solve our problems. For this reason, I’m so proud to be able to work at such a lauded American institution and work with my team to help grow the YP brand for another one hundred years (or more!).

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