Meet Mehul Jain – Vice President of Shared Services

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Who is Mehul Jain?

  • Official Title: Vice President, Shared Services
  • Originally From: New Delhi, India
  • Favorite Colors: Light blue and gray
  • Pet Peeves: People who don’t value your time by always being late
  • Learn more: LinkedIn

As Vice President of Shared Services, Mehul Jain is responsible for building internal solutions that can be used easily by multiple customer-facing teams without ever becoming a bottleneck in day-to-day operations. He has been with YP for 10 years, previously working for Ingenio – a company that YP acquired back in 2007. Mehul is excited to get to work every day because he feels YP is an environment where team members have the courage and are empowered to make positive change happen, each and every day.

In With the New

“My favorite part of working at YP is managing the retirement of old products and services and rolling out new and better solutions. We need to be willing to acknowledge that some of our current solutions have lived their full lifecycle. I like to work through my ‘to do’ list, taking care of one challenge, bringing it to a conclusion, and then moving on to the next. My primary responsibility is to build new solutions, platforms, and services – or pivot on existing ones – to better integrate them with YP’s ecosystem around Sales, Marketing and Technology.”

Helping the Local Businesses Grow

“I live in the Bay Area where many big organizations started off as really small businesses. I have worked in three startups, seeing firsthand how passion and zeal can take a business to the next level. We hear time and time again that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. But it’s the truth. Success stories of these ventures is what propels the economy to new heights.”

Champion for Small Businesses

“I tell his family about my job at YP by citing a shared personal experience: a small and medium size business owner, like the contractor who renovated our house, is busy serving his clients. He does not have the time or expertise to improve his listings to generate search traffic, ensure his good reviews are shared across the web, and keep track of his profile across all domains. That’s where YP’s products and service come into play.”

Family Fun

“Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We are really into soccer these days, especially since my kids enjoyed watching the recent Euro Cup and Copa America matches.”


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