Meet Rich Maraschi – Vice President, Presence and Marketing Automation

Rich Maraschi, Vice President, VP, presence, marketing automation, business solutions, online presence, website, video, senior leader
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Who Is Rich Maraschi?

  • Official Title: Vice President, Presence and Marketing Automation
  • Originally From: Newark, New Jersey
  • Favorite Color: Blue (in every shade)
  • Pet Peeve: Showing up to an important meeting at the last minute when you are scheduled to present.
  • Learn More: LinkedIn

Rich Maraschi is YP’s Vice President of Presence and Marketing Automation. He oversees our owned media solutions for businesses, such as online presence, website, and video.

He’s a constant learner with a passion for both the business and technology side of things. In his downtime, when he’s not focused on being a product marketing expert, he’s working on completing a second master’s degree online in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.  He already holds a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology as well as an MBA from Cornell University.

What Makes You Tick?

“I have always loved the feeling of a challenge, like scratching your head after you’ve read a really tough word problem or riddle or technical paper, and you have no idea where to start. When it comes to conceptualizing new products or figuring out how to make current products better, there are so many possible paths to follow, so many concepts to flesh out and market dynamics to absorb. That is what excites me about my work.”

Family and Fun

“When I’m home, I like to spend my time playing with my son or studying for my classes. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m still curious, just like my father. He’s 95 years old, still having fun and still asking questions. I plan to out-do him in this regard!”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“I love meeting with YP Team Members from different disciplines to flesh out a new product concept or to understand how we might be able to build it. I especially enjoy working with our platform technology teams, as this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of identifying how to bring a product concept to life.”

Small Business Fascination

“Small business owners have to be passionate about what they do to succeed, especially knowing that only about one-third of small businesses today survive for the long-term. That takes courage and commitment. These are the types of folks I want to support and hang out with.”



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