New Research from YP Sheds Light on Local Search and Spending Behaviors

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Posted by: YP PR

At YP, we’re proud to stand by our mission of connecting local businesses with local consumers across America’s largest, ready-to-buy audience. We’ve always known that the people who come to, the YP app, and The Real Yellow Pages® Directory are more inclined to make purchase decisions than the average searcher. But we wanted proof to back it up.

So, we partnered with comScore on a custom research study to compare the local search and spending behaviors of YP users against all searchers. The results were eye-opening and, not to toot our own horn, proved YP’s value in helping consumers find new local businesses and make more informed purchase decisions.

We learned that 74 percent of YP users make a purchase following a search on YP (compared to 68 percent of all searchers) and tend to spend an average of 34 percent more per purchase than all searchers.

The research also showed that two out of three YP users start their search intending to make a reservation, appointment, or purchase. A whopping 91 percent of YP users will contact a local business after conducting a search – whether it’s visiting a business website, calling or emailing the business directly, or filling out an online contact form.

Interestingly enough, we also found that YP users own and use more devices than the average searcher, turning to an average of 5.6 sources of information as they “zigzag” along their purchase journey. They were also 135 percent more likely to reference The Real Yellow Pages print directory during their path to purchase, signifying the importance that both print and digital media play in helping consumers make purchase decisions.

All in all, we proved what we knew to be true: consumers who come to YP to search and find local businesses do so with more of a ready-to-buy mindset than the average searcher. Be sure to check out what other interesting insights came out of this research. While you’re at it, learn more about YP’s full-suite of integrated marketing solutions that help local businesses connect with local consumers in a big way.

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