Now Available – YP’s iMessage App for iOS 10

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Posted by: David Mayer – Consumer Product Manager

The latest release of the YP℠ app is now available in the iTunes App Store. It features a number of compatibility updates for iOS 10, including integration with the iMessage platform.

iMessage apps are a brand new and much-anticipated feature that rolled out with the iOS 10 update. They allow iPhone users to have app-like experiences within iMessage itself.

Many companies have only started scratching the surface with these apps, making simple brand integrations that allow users to look up information and/or share content with friends – without ever leaving the iMessage environment. A few brands are testing the waters even more – including the YP℠ mobile team – by exploring interactive features that allow people within a group text to engage in activities that go beyond simple information-sharing.

For this reason, it goes without saying that all of us here at YP are excited for the possibilities that the new iMessage functionality can bring to local consumers across the country. What we’ve done in this latest iteration of the YP app is just a taste of what’s yet to come:


iMessage, iMessage app, YP app, App Store, Apple, iOS, consumer      iMessage, iMessage app, YP app, App Store, Apple, iOS, consumer


So, what’s the benefit of using the YP app in iMessage? Here are a few scenarios where it will most definitely come in handy (but first, be sure to activate iMessage apps):

  • Matt is searching for a roofer on He finds one with great reviews, but wants to make sure his wife is on board before scheduling an appointment. So he opens iMessage, flips to the YP app, and sees the roofer’s listing in the “Recently Viewed” section. He taps on it and sends it to his wife, so she can give it her thumb’s up.
  • Karen is scoping out a restaurant for her upcoming team lunch. She doesn’t want to go to one of the “usual” spots, but also wants to make sure no one will have any issues with the restaurant she picks. So, she opens the YP iMessage app, taps on the quick search for restaurants, and finds a new burger joint in the area. She sends it to the group and asks everyone to chime in before booking a reservation.
  • Bryan is enjoying happy hour at the local pub when his friend texts to ask what he’s up to. Bryan goes to the YP iMessage app, searches for the pub, and then sends the listing to his friend – with a message telling him to join in the fun, of course.

Want to try it out for yourself? Be sure to download the YP app today.  

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