Osborne’s Expert Appliance Repair Understands the Power of Print

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Posted by: Barrie Rosen – Executive Director, B2B Communications

Russell Osborne is the owner of Osborne’s Expert Appliance Repair – a business Russell started at the age of 22 in Merced, California about 43 years ago. During this time, Merced has seen a lot of changes and, as expected, has also had its ups and downs. Castle Air Force Base closed. The University of California-Merced campus opened, which will soon be home to 25,000 students. The recession caused property values to fall 62 percent, but, on the upside, also fueled population growth due to the rise in more affordable housing. And through it all, Russell has relied on YP to help bring customers to his business.

“Being a mainstay in a small community for more than four decades certainly doesn’t hurt business either,” says Gina Chicconi, YP Advertising Sales Representative. “Osborne’s was one of the first accounts I handled when I joined YP two years ago. When I first spoke to Russell, he commented about his strong belief in word-of-mouth marketing. But because YP continued to deliver results, he couldn’t deny that we work, too.”

During Gina’s first year on the Osborne’s account, YP’s had recently begun offering “Print Forward” in Merced – a strategic initiative to overhaul the look and feel of The Real Yellow Pages® print directories, with the intent creating a better book for consumers and more advertising opportunities for local businesses. When Russell renewed his program, he was able to see the immediate benefit of these changes.

In 2015, under the “Print Forward” format, Osborne’s print ads generated 1,236 calls to the business. In 2016, having invested in larger ad size as well as an in-ad coupon, Osborne’s received 1,920 calls. That’s a 56 percent increase in leads by making only a few small changes to the business’s print advertising strategy with YP.  

“Russell gets it,” says Gina. “He can talk ‘clicks-per-call’ all day long. He does his homework. At the end of the day, he’s a firm believer in YP and in his marketing program.”

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