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YP by the Numbers Infographic
Posted by: YP PR

Have you ever thought the local marketing landscape is a bit confusing? Well, you’re not alone.

With various service providers spanning dozens of companies – all of which serve local businesses in some unique capacity – we’ve recently seen a myriad of infographics and other industry “snapshots” emerge trying to make sense of it all. (Not an easy task!)

A perfect example is this incredibly thorough infographic created by the team at BIA/Kelsey that categorizes and classifies practically every “player” within what they call the Local Commerce Universe. Complicated, right? No wonder why they refer to it as a “universe.”

So when it was our turn to create a nifty infographic that would ultimately put a spotlight on the unique role YP℠ plays within the broader local marketing space, we decided to a take a slightly different – you could even say, simpler – approach. And voilà, to illustrate how YP connects local businesses to consumers, we’re excited to unveil this simple two-pager, full of interesting facts about YP:

  • YP reaches nearly 70 million consumers across its mobile and web properties each month.
  • Consumers who initiate a search on YP are 20 percent more likely to make a purchase.
  • YP is a multi-billion dollar business that generates more than $1 billion in digital revenue.

Why did we do this? Easy answer. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Like many companies today, YP offers a wide range of products and services that many people – including local businesses owners – are not necessarily aware of. So we thought we’d take out the guesswork and lay it all on the table in the clearest, most concise way possible.

See for yourself by downloading the new “About YP” two-pager today.

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