Storm Watch: YP Can Help Fix Your Damaged Roof

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Rain, snowstorms, and high winds have pummeled homes around the country – a reminder that your roof is one of the most important assets of your home. It protects you from the elements and boosts energy efficiency. But don’t wait to get your roof repaired. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you – and eventually chip away at your home’s overall value.

The good news: YP is here to help. Start your search for a local roofer on When you do, you’ll get a comprehensive list of nearby roofing companies alongside customer reviews, pictures, videos, and other information to help refine your search and make a decision faster.

Keep in mind that small roofing issues can become big problems, fast:

  • See a wet spot on your ceiling? Roof leaks are often due to poor sealing during construction. Get them fixed fast. Excess moisture can lead to hazardous water damage and mold.
  • If you live in a region where temperature extremes are the norm, there’s a good chance extreme weather conditions will follow. Windy weather can make existing damage worse by causing tiles and shingles to blow off. An experienced professional can install proper seaming to reduce that risk.
  • Even when it’s not raining cats and dogs, wear and tear, wet weather, and wind can take its toll on your roof. Avoid water build-up and keep your roof in tip-top shape with regular inspections. Also, be sure to clean out the gutters regularly to put less strain on the roof.
The Cost for Repairs

Repair costs can vary based on the amount of damage or the complexity of the work required. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $4,700 – $9,000. This includes resealing, gutter cleaning, fixing roof trusses along with minor repairs like assessing mold damage and replacing rotted framing and sheathing. Again, the longer you wait, the costlier it can become – with some homeowners said to have paid $30,000+ to get their roof back in working order.

Head over to or download the YP app to get your roof repairs underway today.

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