The Convergence of National and Local Markets

David Lebow, CRO, chief revenue officer, BIA/Kelsey, thought leadership, local, local marketing
Posted by: David Lebow – Chief Revenue Officer

Consumer behavior has changed – and with that shift inevitably comes a change in the needs of advertisers as well. That’s why I’m proud of the work YP℠ is doing to serve both audiences, helping advertisers and local consumers connect in more and better ways than ever before.

I recently attended BIA/Kelsey’s Brands Conference, where major brands and publishers gathered to discuss at length the rapidly evolving landscape of local communities across the country. There are millions of businesses of all shapes and sizes in the United States today. Just look at the so-called “main street” in your community. On one corner, you may find a family-owned pharmacy or your favorite sandwich shop. On the other, you have big brands like CVS or Subway. This is a great example of how the lines between national and local advertisers are quickly blurring. Both types of businesses want to attract local customers. However, they way in which they both achieve this goal can vary dramatically – oftentimes a result of varying levels of marketing sophistication and resource availability.

For corporate-owned brands looking to drive top-line revenue growth, marketing campaigns will typically focus on building brand awareness and consideration, highlighting specific products or services, driving an increase in retail traffic, or growing overall leads. In contrast, for locally-owned franchises looking to drive bottom-line profit growth, marketing campaigns will generally spike around seasonal promotions that aim almost unilaterally to increase both foot traffic and leads.

Though, for independently-owned businesses looking to compete against their bigger competitors, the approach needs to be a bit different. These businesses need to focus on these three core areas to not only be seen and heard, but also to stand out from the competition:

  1. Establish a strong and consistent digital presence
    (easier said than done)
  2. Promote the business by telling a unique local business story
  3. Reach and engage the right local audiences
    (YP consultants are ready to help!)

Our mission is – and has always been – to connect local businesses (whether a national brand with a local footprint, a franchise shop, or a family-owned business) with consumers wherever they are and across every device they use.  We defined the local marketing industry more than 100 years ago. Today, the unique combination of our heritage coupled with our leadership in digital marketing makes it possible for us to live up to our promise of helping local businesses grow.   

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