The “ZigZag” Customer Journey: Surprising Stats

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It seems like people today are always on their smartphones or mobile devices. Though, we’ve come to learn that there are actually rather specific instances when people prefer using their computers in lieu of those mobile devices. What are they, you ask? (We’re glad you did!)

Recently, we decided to field a research study with IDC to answer that exact question – to understand when and why consumers jump from one device to another as well as what they do when they make that jump. All of the detailed research insights can be found in our full report entitled, Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers.   

One of the key findings from the research is that many consumers today tend to “zigzag” across devices, platforms, and between online and offline experiences as they search for products and services they are considering to purchase – a behavior that was not only “universal” across a number of demographic segments, but also across a variety of business categories.  

As you can imagine, there were some findings that surprised us quite a bit:

  • Computers are the most popular device for coupon hunting (66% vs 58% for smartphones).
  • Computers are the top choice for reading online customer reviews (56% versus 50% for smartphones).
  • Computers and smartphones play different roles in the consideration process, with 63% of respondents saying they use smartphones to pinpoint a location and nearly as many respondents saying they use a computer to search prices.

When drilling down to specific categories, we came across these gems:

  • Would-be travelers said they used the highest number of search activities, were the least likely to finish their search within the hour, and were less mobile than other searchers.
  • Consumers searching for insurance (car, home, life) used the fewest number of sites or apps to conduct their search. In fact, this set of respondents had the lowest comparative smartphone use and took the longest time to complete their searches overall. They were also the most likely to contact a business directly.
  • Restaurant-goers were speedy, mobile, and all about location. Searches for casual dining chains involved the fewest number of actions, wherein 83% of respondents said they completed their search in less than an hour (68% said they searched via smartphone).

And that’s just scratching the surface!  Download the full report to learn more – and check out the infographic below.

ZigZag Customer Journey Infographic (IDC)

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