‘Tis the Season to Drive: Find the Best Gas Prices with the YP App

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Posted by: YP PR

It’s that time of year when the holiday hustle and bustle heightens, and we all start thinking about dreaded “holiday travel.” Not just air travel, mind you, but all travel. So, we say: ‘tis the season to drive – from shop to shop in search of the right gifts and goodies, to holiday parties, to the grocery store to plan those festive dinners, and then, of course, to visit family and friends.

That’s a lot of driving – and, unfortunately, gas prices are starting to go up again. But no fear, the YP℠ app is here! In addition to being the best place to search and find local businesses, our app also helps track down the best gas prices in town. It’s like another gift every time you fill up.

This feature has been hailed as a must-have tool because it can hone in on the nearest gas station with the lowest price, for every fuel grade, quickly and easily. Here’s what it can do:

  • Find cheap gas prices near you
  • Compare gas prices near work, home, or practically anywhere in the U.S.
  • Save time with the “Best Nearby” feature
  • Filter searches by fuel grade  
  • View results in map or list view
  • Get directions, maps, addresses, time of last price update, and more

And, in case you forgot, the popular YP app is the easiest way to connect with more than 20 million local businesses across the country. With it you can browse restaurant menus, book a dinner reservation, view movie showtimes and purchase movie tickets, navigate with maps, order food to go, and so much more! As an added bonus, the app also provides “pit stop” recommendations like “where to grab a hot coffee” or “where to find the nearest ATM.”

Start using the app today to make your holidays (and beyond) happier! Download the YP app for iOS (including Apple Watch) and Android.

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