Uncovering Audience Insights with comScore

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Posted by: Mickey Tran – Senior Manager, Industry Communications

comScore, the leader in digital media and audience measurement, is well known for its syndicated rankings reports. We cite their Regional/Local report to make the claim that YP℠ is the No. 2 local search destination in the U.S., ahead of Yahoo Local, Foursquare and Opentable.*

comScore also has tools that go beyond basic measurement to provide a better understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes, allowing publishers, like YP, to create digital experiences that more closely reflect the wants, needs, and expectations of their target audiences.

We partnered with our friends at comScore to uncover some really interesting insights, including (but not limited to):

Who Makes Up YP’s Audience?

Generally speaking, YP’s audience tends to skew female (58%) and is more or less affluent.**

However, we know that younger generations now hold a good amount of today’s purchasing power. So, we thought it would be interesting to examine a subset of our audience in more detail and, for the purposes of this exercise, decided to hone in on stay-at-home moms over the age of 18.

Here’s what we found:***

  • yp.com reaches nearly 1.5 million of these millennial consumers
  • They are ~8% more likely to visit yp.com vs. the average Internet site
  • About a third consider themselves to be health-conscious
  • 36% like providing recommendations on decorating or interior design
  • 71% own a pet
  • 53% have a household income over $75K
  • 32% own a home

Be sure to visit yp.com the next time you search for a local business.


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