Where Rubber Meets the Road: YP and Harding Racing Team Up at the Indy 500

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Any fan of motorsports knows that the Indy 500 is one of the most prestigious racing events in the world – part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, alongside the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On May 28, more than 300,000 fans will descend upon the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to witness the 101st Indy 500 race.

YP, the Real Yellow Pages® will be in the heart of all the action! We’ve partnered with the newly formed Harding Racing team to sponsor their first foray into the Indy 500. As part of our sponsorship, the YP℠ logo will be prominently placed on the nose cone of racecar No. 88, driven by seasoned IndyCar driver, Gabby Chaves, as well as on racetrack and event signage, in the pit crew area, and on the Harding Racing team’s uniforms.

But aside from being excited about getting to be a part of one of the largest single-day sporting events in the world, we’re thrilled about how we got there. For us, this sponsorship holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value because we helped our client, Mike Harding, CEO of Indianapolis-based Harding Group, an asphalt and concrete paving company, achieve his personal dream of owning a racing team. In order to make the Harding Racing team a reality, he had to grow his business large enough to be able to expand into the IndyCar Series.

We’re proud to have worked with Mike over the years, playing an important role in helping the Harding Group’s business grow, consistently keeping it ranked in the “Top 10” asphalt maintenance companies in the U.S. As the champion for local businesses, big and small, we know what it takes to transform a dream into a reality. That’s why we stay relentlessly focused on our mission of connecting local businesses with local consumers across America’s largest ready-to-buy audience. It’s just one (of many) ways we help local businesses thrive and grow.

Check out the live cam at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to keep an eye out for the YP logo whizzing by during driver practice and time trials. Tune into the big event on May 28 at 11AM ET.

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