YP Audience Cartography: Data-Driven Insights that Lead to Business Results for National Brands

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Mobile location data is one of the hottest topics facing digital marketing – even more so given the rise of smartphones as the primary screen for many consumers today. Activities conducted on mobile devices – from simple searches to product research to price comparisons – are starting to influence, more and more, where consumers spend and what they buy.

Yet, an overwhelming majority of consumer spending still happens offline (a whopping 93 percent!). For this reason, businesses – more specifically, national brands with a local footprint – have had to start paying closer attention to their digital campaign tactics, more specifically around how they measure success. Clicks and impressions, once the digital marketing measurement standard, simply don’t go far enough in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. Now, more than ever before, businesses must understand how to connect every single dot along the consumer journey in order to harness the true potential of today’s ever-evolving customer behavior.

That’s why YP℠ is introducing Audience Cartography – a proprietary methodology powering our Enhanced Mobile Targeting display solution for national brands, using first party search intent and mobile location data to develop unique insights on both target audiences and their actions. These insights make it possible for marketers to refine their targeting efforts across multiple media channels in real-time, leading to more effective mobile marketing campaigns and greater online-to-offline conversions. What makes YP’s Audience Cartography different from other mobile marketing solutions is its unique application of data-driven insights and business analytics to generate both online and offline results via:

  • Interactive click maps that allow businesses to zoom in on specific areas close to a store location to show where and how people are interacting with a campaign, making it possible to more effectively optimize performance in real-time.
  • Customer store location heat maps and demographic insights that visualize the location and characteristics of any given audience as a means of expanding targeting opportunities and increasing overall campaign relevancy.
  • Store visit reports that calculate total visits to individual stores, helping to more clearly identify campaign effectiveness and account for online-to-offline attribution.
  • Halo reports that help businesses understand the residual effects of their digital marketing campaigns.

YP, Audience Cartography, data, insights, products, launch, business results, national brands  YP, Audience Cartography, data, insights, products, launch, business results, national brands

It’s important to note that YP follows industry-standard privacy practices in its use of targeted advertising. Consumers are able to opt-out of mobile location data collection at the device level and manage the use of their collected information by opting-out of retargeted advertising from third parties. More information about Audience Cartography can be found here.

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