YP℠ Delivers More Local Searches Across the U.S.

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We recently reached out to comScore with a simple question: How do dexknows.com, superpages.com, yelp.com, and yp.com compare when it comes to searches in major metro areas? The answer:

YP delivered more searches in the United States metro areas in 2015.

Among the 100+ U.S. metros that comScore analyzed via the custom 2015 YP Search Share Report, yp.com delivered more than 1 billion local desktop searches in 2015 – compared to 15.4M (dexknows.com), 7.9M (superpages.com), and 372.9M (yelp.com), respectively.*  

The disparity was even more pronounced in certain metropolitan areas. Take San Antonio, Texas as an example, where yp.com delivered 11x the number of desktop searches than the other three  sites mentioned above combined – accounting for a whopping 9.7M local desktop searches in 2015.

“This analysis conclusively shows the prominence that yp.com has in metros across the country. The high volume of local searches on yp.com significantly enhances our solutions, and demonstrates the value yp.com brings as part of a business’s complete marketing program.”
– Katie Eck, Senior Manager, Portfolio Marketing

And while it’s easy to boast about quantity, this story would only be half complete if we didn’t talk about the quality of YP℠ searches. For example, based on the “YP Value Proposition Report” (October 2014)** we commissioned in partnership with comScore, local business owners get access to an audience on yp.com and the YP℠ app that is 20% more “likely to buy” than the average searcher. Here are a few interesting stats worth calling out:

yp, local, local search, search, search marketing, digital, digital marketing

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*Past performance is not a guarantee of individual results. Note: A site is credited with a “search” when it displays a results page that includes a list of business names and information, regardless of where the user started the search process.

**Results will vary and are dependent upon individual campaigns, categories and geographies.

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