YP Helps Keep Tax Stress to a Minimum

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More than 153 million tax returns are expected to be filed this year – and the deadline for filing is looming (April 18th, if you needed reminding). For all you procrastinators out there, we’ve got some good news: whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or corporate employee, YP can help ease the pain. YP has been helping consumers find and connect with the best local service providers for more than 130 years. We take pride in that trust.

Each year searches on YP℠ across desktop and mobile for accountants, tax reporting services, tax return preparation, and other tax-related categories start to skyrocket in January and February – nearly 400,000 searches during these two months alone – and do not really lose steam until after tax day. About sixty percent of these searches happen on desktop while another 40 percent flock to mobile to get tax help.

To get started, ask yourself an important question: what’s more valuable to you – money or time? If “time” is your answer, then use YP to find a CPA or other accounting professional like these in Tampa – and don’t forget to narrow your search using YP’s time-saving search filters to find what you need faster. Try it out by doing a search, clicking on “+ All Filters” once you get to the search results page, and then selecting the filters of your choice. 

On the other hand, if “money” is your answer, tax preparation software is likely going to be your best friend. Just know, you’ll need to line up all of your receipts, statements, forms, and other documentation for this to go smoothly. And if your computer decides to go on the fritz, YP can help you find a computer repair service like these in Seattle. For added convenience, filter businesses by Better Business Bureau ratings or by neighborhood.

Just so you’re aware, the DIY approach requires a bit more organization on your part – otherwise you may accidentally add up a wrong number or check the wrong exemption box – so be sure to stock up on office supplies like printer cartridges, calculators, paper clips, file folders, and even reading glasses at office supply stores like these in Reno (using filters “Office Equipment & Supplies,” “Stationery Stores,” and “Toner Cartridges”).

Now, if you are one of those aforementioned procrastinators, it’s time to get focused, take a deep breath, and dive in. Here’s hoping you’re one of the more than 70 percent of taxpayers the IRS expects to receive a tax refund this year. Visit yellowpages.com or download the YP℠ app to start making progress on your taxes today!


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