YP℠ Joins the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program

YPCB038 - Yahoo Preferred Program Partner
Posted by: Allison Checchi – Chief Marketing Officer

We are excited to announce that YP℠ has joined Yahoo’s Preferred Partner Program, an elite group of innovative advertising technology and service companies that work with advertisers to develop marketing campaigns, deliver customized solutions, and track campaign performance via the Yahoo Gemini platform.

YP has managed more than 400,000 search campaigns for local businesses across the U.S. in the past year. By combining our years of experience managing marketing campaigns with a growing bench of strong and supportive industry relationships – like this new partnership with Yahoo – we are in a prime position to harness industry best practices to deliver real results for nearly half of a million customers nationwide who trust YP to be their marketing partner.

Yahoo Preferred Partners have been specifically selected, certified, and equipped to leverage Yahoo Gemini to help businesses be successful – whatever their marketing objectives. Partners like YP work with marketers to help them reach the right customers for their business.

Learn more about YP’s participation in the Yahoo Preferred Partner Program – and while you’re at it, see what we’re doing within the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner (PSP) program as well.

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