YP℠ Local Breakthrough Summit: Empowering Businesses with Digital Marketing

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Posted by: Allison Checchi – Chief Marketing Officer

YP℠ kicks off Local Breakthrough Summit in Miami on April 26

Few new business owners start their entrepreneurial adventure with the know-how, expertise, and time required to market their business in a constantly changing and incredibly competitive marketing landscape. Advancements in technology, digital media, and data science have made it possible for local businesses to connect with local consumers better than ever before. However, with every advancement comes a learning curve.

And that’s precisely why YP is such a great partner to small businesses across the country. Our team of marketing experts eases the burden on business owners by working with them every step of the way to build successful integrated marketing programs, proven to help businesses grow. And here’s the exciting news – starting in less than two weeks, we’re taking our expertise on the road and kicking off our very first Local Breakthrough Summit in Miami on April 26.

The Local Breakthrough Summit is a more personal way for us to share insights, tips, and trends to help small business owners overcome the challenges associated with learning the brave new world of marketing today and embrace new opportunities to leverage search, mobile and social media marketing tactics to more effectively achieve business goals. Over the next few months we’ll host events at unique venues in eight different cities across the country, helping local business owners learn how to use search, mobile, display, and social marketing tactics to promote and grow their businesses like never before.

Partners Google, Yahoo!, and Bing Network will join us, alongside mobile marketing company Verve and small business experts Gene Marks and Ramon Ray. Aside from being an incredible learning experience, these events will also empower business owners to network with each other, listen to success stories, learn best practices, and ask lots of questions.

We developed the Local Breakthrough Summit to reinforce our commitment to leadership and education in the local marketing space. The need for local marketing support is greater than ever – and YP is in a prime position to fill that gap as we continue to live up to our mission of helping businesses and communities grow.

If you aren’t able to attend one of the summits, you can find us at small business expos across the country (see our list of local events) or tap into great insights virtually via our Local Doer blog.

For more information on everything we’ve got going on, visit YP Marketing Solutions today.

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