YP Makes It Easy to Find, Engage, and Connect with Local Businesses

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Posted by: Barrie Rosen – Executive Director, B2B Communications

We’ve heard it all too often, but the saying goes: “Content Is King.”

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing marketing world, content is quickly becoming the “make or break” factor for local businesses looking to target, reach, engage, and convert potential new local customers. The more information a local business can provide on its own website or via business listings – whether it be simple details, like hours of operation and location, or more informative content, like pictures, videos, product descriptions, and more – the better chance that business has at creating a real connection with a consumer.

Although this might seem like an obvious conclusion, “The Why Before the Buy” research study we conducted last year clearly demonstrated that access to contextual content about a business is a major factor as to whether consumers choose one business over another.

At YP, we believe in talking the talk and walking the walk. So, armed with this knowledge, we decided to make some important changes to yp.com and the YP app in order to make it easier for consumers to find, engage, and connect with local businesses.

Now, whenever someone searches for a business on YP, they’ll be rewarded with more relevant, content-rich business listings in return. Say you’re searching for delicious pizza in New Haven, Connecticut. You’ll not only get a comprehensive list of pizza places nearby in the search results, but you’ll also get direct access to customer reviews to help you make a decision faster. Even more, we’ve added a new feature that allows consumers to download offers whenever they search in certain categories. (Hint: “Pizza” is one of those categories!)

This comes on the heels of some big changes we recently announced to mobile business profile pages. And that’s just the start of many great things to come. Keep checking back to see what we’re up to – and while you’re at it, find your next favorite local business today on yp.com!   


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