YP℠ Pitches in to Support the Flint Crisis Relief Efforts

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Now months since the Flint, Michigan water crisis first made ripples across national media, and the city is still very much in need of community support.

YP℠ is proud of its mission of helping local communities thrive and grow. So when it came time to make a difference, it didn’t take very long for the team members in several of our regional YP Marketing Solutions offices to pitch in and lend a helping hand. From Detroit to Grand Rapids (and everywhere in between), YP “doers” – our nickname for anyone embodying the “get things done” ethos – started collecting bottled water and funds to support the Flint relief effort.

It started with a small group of local sales managers wanting to make an impact. In just a couple of weeks, they have collected over 240 bottles of water and raised nearly $2,000 (at the time this blog post was published).

Many homes in Flint continue to test positive for lead poisoning, signaling that the crisis is long from over. There is a need for ongoing support to help make this crisis a distant memory. YP’s local team members heard that call for support loud and clear, and stepped up to make a difference. And this is just one (of the many reasons) why we’re so proud of the people we work with every day – as well as why we are so proud to call them DOERS!

The drive will continue into March, supported by YP offices across the U.S. All proceeds will go to the Flint Water Fund operated by the United Way of Genesee County. If you would like to help Flint residents during the ongoing water crisis, consider making your own donation today.


Photo Credit: Dollar Photo Club

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