YP Renews Relationship with Google PSP Program

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Posted by: Melissa Burghardt – SVP, Media Products

Search engine marketing can be one of the most effective tools for promoting a business today. It’s also an area that we hold near and dear to our hearts at YP℠.  

In the past year, YP performed nearly half a million search campaigns on behalf of local businesses across the U.S., leveraging premier digital marketing partnerships to deliver the best results for our customers. You may not know this, but we were the first authorized Google re-seller back in 2004 (when YP was known as Bellsouth Realpages.com). And today we’re excited to say we’ve signed a new two-year agreement to be a part of the Google Premier SMB Partner (PSP) Program.   

Our participation in this program provides recognition from Google that YP is a valued Partner in the industry. It also gives YP increased support for product training and campaign management. In fact, YP’s sales, delivery, and account management teams undergo regular training sessions from Google to ensure that the entire team is “Adwords Professional”-certified. Additionally, this oftentimes gives us a unique opportunity to have an advance look at new product developments and beta tests happening at Google.

So, what does all this mean for local businesses?  

  • Local businesses benefit from innovative marketing strategies and ideas proven to work.

  • Powerful campaign tracking data provides unique insights that make it possible for us to continuously optimize results for advertisers.

  • YP local marketing consultants and campaign specialists are in-the-know before changes happen to Google’s AdWords platform, allowing us to plan accordingly. For example, if a change impacts the size of an ad or its location on the screen, we can adjust our approach to ensure the best possible placement. The same is true for changes in parameters around ad targets as well. This gives YP the opportunity to proactively adapt to changes, ensuring the most eyeballs possible land on every ad we serve.

Only a select group of companies are part of the Google PSP Program. YP is one of those companies, and we’ve received an award from Google celebrating the growth we’ve seen as a result of being part of this program.  

What further sets YP apart is that we also partner with Yahoo and Bing, making us one of the few SMB marketing services providers to have a strategic partnership with the top three search engines.

We’ve been working with all of these partners to arm local businesses with digital marketing insights and the tools they need to power their businesses through a series of educational events, including the recently launched YP Local Breakthrough Summit. We look forward to leveraging the power of these relationships to help local businesses and communities grow.

Visit YP Marketing Solutions today to learn more.

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