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It’s no secret that women in tech are still a minority. That’s why YP℠ remains committed to supporting our female engineers, programmers, coders (and more!) and helping them grow into leadership positions.

A couple of years ago, a handful of team members created an official group focused on building a community of support and resources for women at any stage in their career in tech. Today, the YP Women’s group serves as a forum for helping women overcome the challenges of being a minority in the workplace as well as taking important steps towards helping younger generations bridge the gap. The group’s goal is to connect, inspire and support women in the tech industry.

“Inside YP, we are creating a space where women can seek advice from their peers, motivate each other and allow their voices to be heard. Externally, we want to make an impact in our local communities through events and outreach, advising younger generations of women about our journey to succeeding in the world of technology.”

Saralee Kunlong,
Sr. Software Engineer & President of YP Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the team at YP’s Tech Headquarters in Glendale raised funds to benefit Girls Who Code – a national non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in the technology and engineering industries. The group raised $1,200 to help fund free computer science education for girls across the country, including those from diverse backgrounds and underserved, low-income communities.

YP, women, women in tech, fundraiser, Girls Who Code, gender, tech, technology, bake sale

“We chose to support Girls Who Code because YP is, first and foremost, a tech company that celebrates diversity and supports women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – a cause very close to our hearts,” said Kunlong. “Secondly, the 2015 World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap will not close entirely until 2133, so it’s up to all of us to work towards gaining gender parity more quickly. By helping these girls achieve their ambitions and find their own voices in the industry, we can further break stereotypes and help them achieve success in their careers.”

YP works year-round to help team members navigate their career path in tech and fosters new opportunities for women to take on senior leadership positions. At a recent YP leadership conference, the company held a networking event designed to build relationships among its high-ranking members – in essence, a forum for sharing advice and best practices around being a female leader in the workplace. The event had the overwhelming support of YP CEO David Krantz and his leadership team. The event included “speed networking” and a lesson in best practices in mentoring.

If you know any girls interested in learning computer science – from robotics to web development – have them check out Girls Who Code’s free Summer Immersion Programs and Clubs Program offered in Los Angeles. You can also get involved by becoming a club instructor or lend your support by making a donation online.

Interested in working for a company that not only supports women in management but is also actively recruiting women for tech job openings? Check out our open positions today.

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