ypPresence Plus Helps Business Owners Take Control of Their Online Presence

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Posted by: Barrie Rosen – Executive Director, B2B Communications

At YP, The Real Yellow Pages®, helping local businesses build their online presence is what we do best. And as the champion for local businesses in the U.S., we know this is critical for ensuring long-term success.

It all starts with a well-optimized, content-rich website that helps boost visibility in search engines. So, we recently launched ypWebsite Pro to take out the hassle of building a website – which can oftentimes be time-consuming, costly, or just plain overwhelming for already busy business owners – that drives real and measurable business results. Now, we’re following up with the launch of ypPresence® Plus today, an online presence solution that lets business owners manage business profile information from a single dashboard and syndicate that information across 60+ leading directory, search, social, and navigation sites.

An accurate online presence matters. Business owners must be in control of their online data. Not doing so means that critical business information – such as a business name, address and phone number – can be listed incorrectly on sites that consumers visit frequently to search and find local businesses. Even more problematic, once a business has fixed that information, there’s a good chance it could be changed (incorrectly) again. Research shows that business owners will find their information changed without consent, on average, every six days on one of these listings sites.

ypPresence Plus solves this dilemma by locking core business information on leading sites (so that it cannot be changed without consent) and allowing businesses to more easily share content that can both drive engagement with consumers and build on-site SEO. Key features include:

  • Lock Listings: Local business owners can lock in critical business information across 60+ leading directories, maps, apps, and social networks. Doing so means content can’t be changed by outside sources. This ensures pertinent business information is accurate in all online locations whenever a customer is in a ready-to-buy mindset.
  • Be Where Consumers Go: ypPresence Plus increases visibility by helping business owners get their business information on more sites where consumers look for information, including leading directory, search, social, and navigation sites.
  • Build SEO Credibility: When a business’s information is accurate and consistent across multiple sources, a business’s overall SEO rankings get a boost. ypPresence Plus helps build search engine credibility by giving business owners the power and control to ensure that business information is accurate and up-to-date across all sites at all times.
  • Ad-Free Profile: ypPresence Plus clients get access to an enhanced, ad-free profile on yellowpages.com (home to nearly 55 million consumers who are more likely to buy and tend to spend 34 percent more than all searchers), including the ability to add a cover photo and profile photos.
  • Convenient Dashboard: ypPresence Plus clients get access to a central dashboard – accessible on any device – to update business information, upload photos, monitor reviews, and keep tabs on social activity across every site where they’ve chosen to be listed.

We know ypPresence Plus works. In a study of more than 1,400 clients, ypPresence Plus was found to deliver 98 percent accuracy across publishers for core content.

“ypPresence Plus saves me time; I can sit back and let it do the work for me! It gives me a peace of mind knowing that our business now has a better online presence, which is something I did not have the time nor expertise for,” said Jan Steinlage, Marketing Director of Saylor Insurance Service in Sabetha, Kansas. “Simply put, ypPresence Plus saves me time so that I can focus on other areas of marketing and growing our business.”

Learn more today about ypPresence Plus as well as YP’s full suite of marketing solutions that help local businesses connect with local consumers better than ever.


ypPresence Plus, YP, YP The Real Yellow Pages, online presence, digital presence, digital footprint, infographic, data, stats, local business

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