YP’s Gas Guru App Hits iTunes Top 10!

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Posted by: David Mayer – Consumer Product Manager

Just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend, Apple introduced a “Weekend Road Trip” collection to the iTunes App Store. Gas Guru, YP’s popular app that helps people find the best-priced gas nearby, was the second-ranked app in that collection. And as a result of our prominent and well-deserved spot on the list, we experienced an unprecedented surge in downloads – about 1,800 percent more than we had seen during that same time period before!

This also sent the Gas Guru app climbing up the iTunes rankings – soaring to No. 8 in the Travel category and No. 241 for all apps in the App Store.

School is out and gas prices are low. Many Americans are planning road trips for the summer. The Fourth of July long weekend is just a few weeks away, signaling yet another great opportunity for people to download and get the most out of the Gas Guru app while on their holiday adventures.

Know someone who’s road tripping this summer? Tell them to download Gas Guru today to find the best gas prices nearby wherever they go on their trip. Download the app from the iOS App Store (also available on Apple Watch) or Google Play Store today.


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