YP Unveils Its New Story and Brand Identity (Hint: It’s All About Audience, Integrated Solutions, and Expertise!)

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Posted by: Holly Bowyer – VP, Portfolio Marketing

YP℠ has an incredible story to tell. We connect local businesses with local consumers from across America’s largest ready-to-buy audience – and we’ve been doing that for over 100 years!

From turning pages to swiping screens – and everything in between – we foster meaningful connections between consumers and local businesses via our massive reach, our industry-leading integrated marketing solutions, and over a century’s worth of local marketing expertise.

Now, it’s one thing to “talk the talk,” but we also like “walk the walk.” So, here’s a little more context to help you understand why our story is so unique, something that truly sets YP apart from the pack:

  • “America’s largest ready-to-buy audience”
    This is not an exaggeration. What you may not know is that over 60 million people turn to yellowpages.com, the YP℠ app, and The Real Yellow Pages® print directory each month to search and find local businesses. According to recent research* conducted by comScore on behalf of YP, 91 percent of YP users contact a business after searching. Even more, they spend an average of 34 percent more per purchase than all searchers.
  • “Integrated marketing solutions”
    YP’s integrated print and digital marketing solutions help local businesses build their presence and expand their reach in a big way. We leverage unique, data-driven insights to help optimize a client’s cost per lead (CPL) to extract as much value possible from every marketing dollar spent. Don’t just take our word for it; listen to actual YP clients around the country who’ve partnered with us to grow their businesses in a big way.
  • “Local marketing expertise”
    Based on years of experience  – over 100 of them – and a wealth of insights gained from having managed hundreds of thousands of print and digital marketing campaigns over the years, we are the authority on local marketing in the U.S. We understand the needs of local businesses and have a finger on the pulse of what drives local consumers to purchase. For this reason, YP has earned its reputations as a trusted partner and ally of local businesses, big and small, across the country.

As our story has evolved throughout the years, our brand has, too. Beginning in early 2017, we rolled out the new “YP, The Real Yellow Pages” brand across all of our properties, including the recently redesigned YP for Business website. This is just one of the many ways YP is reinforcing its position as the champion for local businesses and local consumers alike.

See for yourself! Do a search today or learn more about our integrated marketing solutions.


* Research conducted by comScore on behalf of YP, April 2017.

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